You can use Alexa enabled devices (Dot, Show) to control your Fire TV device through voice commands.

First, make sure your Fire TV and (Echo Dot) are already set up.

1. Go to your Alexa app and select the Music, Videos, & Books tab.

2. Then select the Fire TV.













3. Then Select Manage Devices.

4. Here you can see all the Fire TV and Alexa Devices that have been linked.

I already have two Fire TV that has been linked but I want to link the third one.
To do so, select Link Another Fire TV











5. Select the Fire TV you want to link. For me, I selected my second Fire TV. Then select continue.

6. Select the Alexa device you want to link. For me, I selected the Echo dot closest to my TV which is the Backroom dot. Then select Link Devices. The devices are now linked. You can use voice commands and have Alexa control your Fire TV. If you want to unlink the devices, go back to step 4 and select unlink devices below the devices you want to unlink.

Common Commands Saying “Alexa, watch Fire TV” will turn on the Fire TV. (If you have your TVs CEC settings turned on, this command will also turn on your TV. Each TV brand and has their own name for this so please consult your TVs manual.) To open an app, say: “Alexa, open [App]”. For example: “Alexa, open Netflix.” To play something on an app, say: “Alexa, play [title/show/genre] on [app].” You can Pause, play, stop, resume, fast forward, rewind, and watch from the beginning by using those voice commands.

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