How to make an Alexa Skill using Skill Blueprints

by | Apr 30, 2018 | Alexa, How To | 0 comments

Amazon Alexa Blueprints is an easy way to create and customize Alexa skills without knowing how to program.

It works by providing a user friendly templates that you simply fill in the blanks to suit what you want.

The templates are very easy and straight forward to follow.

You can use the Custom Q & A template to give Alexa questions and answers for her to respond to.

And you can use the House Guest template to provide a guide and information for guests in your home.

There are also templates for some trivia game which you can provide the questions and answers.

First you need to go to . There you can select a template from among the twenty-one available templates.

The templates are organized in four categories:

  • Storytelling (where you can make a custom story to tell)
  • Fun & Games (make you own trivia questions, etc.)
  • Learning & Knowledge (Quiz, flash cards, and facts)
  • At Home (Q&A, House guide [ to tell where things are], Babysitter, Pet sitter)

In the following video, I used the Sci-fi Storytelling template to create my own interactive story. All you have to do is fill in the story, then name the story, then upload to the amazon account connected to the Alexa devices.

At this time, these skills that you create can only be played on your own personal Alexa Echo.  These skills are not open to the public to use.