Alexa can remember things for you

by | May 7, 2018 | Alexa | 1 comment

Alexa can remember things for you that you might easily forget.

Do you forget birthdays?  Anniversaries?

Tell Alexa these important dates for her to remember!

Say  —  “Alexa, remember [exactly what you want to remember].
“Alexa, remember [Tom’s birthday is May 20th”]
“Alexa, remember [Bill and Jane’s Anniversary is February 4th”]

Later, you just ask

“Alexa, when is Toms birthday?”

“Alexa, when is Bill and Jane’s anniversary?”

and she will respond with what you told her.

This is a great feature for grandparents to use on their echo dot.  They can rely on Alexa to remember these important dates and never miss out on those special days.

has a feature where she remembers things you tell her!

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