How to manage your Alexa Shopping list in Todoist

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What is Todist?

Todoist is a productivity app that will help you organize all your task that you need to get done in one place.  Todoist runs on multiple platforms like the web, desktop, phone and more.

Organizing all your task is effortless. Depending on what level you get, you can create from 80 to 200 projects.  That’s a lot!   For the longest time, we used the free version.  We recently upgraded to the Premium level because we wanted to be able to set and send reminders via text messaging.   It’s helpful for those days that I don’t open up the app.  I’m going to receive that reminder either way!

Todoist and Alexa

One feature that I like is that you can manage your Alexa shopping list and the Alexa To-Do list in Todoist.   Once you have connected  Alexa and Todoist up to each other, you can now view your Shopping List and To-Do list inside Todoist.

If you have not connected the two apps,  then check out this article “How to connect Alexa with Todoist” for step by step instruction to connect Todoist with Alexa.

How to sort your Shopping list Alphabetically

One feature that Todoist has is that you can sort your shopping list by date, priority, name or responsible.   Below are some screenshots of my phone showing you how to sort your shopping list by name.


Adding Items to your shopping list

1. Add items to your shopping list using Alexa. 

When you open your Alexa App, the last item you added will be on top.

2. Alexa does not give you the option to sort. 

When you click on the arrow, you are given 3 options.

3.  Three Options

View and sort your shopping list in Todoist

1. Open up Todoist and click the Menu icon. 

2. Alexa Shopping list under Projects.

You should be able to see a list called “Alexa Shopping List”  My list is at the top because I moved it there. You can arrange your projects anyway you want to.  Click Manage Projects to arrange your list.

3.  Shopping List in Todoist.  Click on the three dots to Sort.

4.  Select Sort.

5. Select By name

6.  There you go!  Your list is now alphabetized!

When you go shopping, just open your Todoist app and go to the Alexa shopping list.  As you grab items for your cart, just swipe that item to the right in the Todoist to remove it from your list.

1. Swipe right to remove from list.

2. Repeat step for each item. 

3. Your empty shopping list. 

The only thing Todoist will not do, is it will not remove your shopping list from your Alexa app.  Your list will stay there until you manually delete each item.

If you continue to add items to your shopping list with Alexa, it will only send the most recent items you added to Todoist.   So, you will not be double buying stuff you just bought last time.

1. Click box to delete. 

2.  You can click DELETE  or hit the return button on your phone. 

3. Your empty shopping list.