The Best Amazon Alexa Skills

by | Jun 21, 2018 | Alexa | 0 comments

With over 30,000 Alexa skills available at the Amazon Alexa Skill Store and with 5000 new skills be added every 100 days, it can be a challenge to find which skills are worth your time.  Some skills available are utterly pointless and silly. They might be suitable for a one time use, but will you use them again.    

The guys at PC Mag have compiled a list of 81 Skills that are currently available under the following categories.

  • News and Information
  • Personalized
  • Entertainment and Games 
  • Local
  • Health 
  • Music, Sounds & Noises
  • Automotive & Travel
  • Kitchen
  • Smart Home
  • Shopping 

If you are not sure where to start, then check out their article here.

Source: The Best Amazon Alexa Skills

We have created our skilled call “Spin the Wheel”   This skill will allow you to create categories and list in which Alexa can help you decided on what to do.   If you have kids that have a hard deciding what to do, you can create a category called “Activity” and then make a list of activities that your child can do.  You can ask Alexa to spin for Activity, and she will randomly choose an activity for your child to do!

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