Christmas Gnome


by Andrew Panagos



Hey folks, here is a preview of the Christmas Gnome we are building on Facebook live Saturday evening. We will discuss how the Gnome was built and walk through how the electronics work and how we connect it to Amazon Alexa.



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Build a dancing, singing, Christmas Gnome!

Build a dancing, singing, Christmas Gnome! For this project, we will create a Norwegian Gnome and then control some movement and music using the ESP8266. Come at least to see it.   https://www.facebook.com/2081899872042735/videos/221433488756352

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Andrew Panagos

Husband to my wonderful wife, Sarah, dad to three great adult kids. Over 30 years in Enterprise Software development in a range of industries solving complex problems. IoT, Medical software, Web application development, Alexa voice applications.



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