Make Your Own Christmas Lights!

Here you will find everything you need to create your own Christmas Lights.


Here are all the components you will need to
create your own Christmas Lights.

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Nano Micro Controller

 5PCS  for $19.99


OCR 24Value 500pcs Electrolytic Capacitor Assortment Box Kit

5volt 10A power Supply

ALITOVE 5V 10A AC to DC Power Supply Adapter Converter

LED Strip Lights WS2812B

ALITOVE 16.4ft WS2812B Individually Addressable LED Strip Light

5v 40Amp Power supply

ALITOVE 5V 40A 200W Power Supply Transformer Adapter

Strip Board

10pcs 70mm x 90mm Copper Strip Prototype Stripboard

JST 3 pin plug

ALITOVE 20 Sets 3 Pin JST SM Male Female Plug LED Connector Cable

Breadboard Design

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