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Software Design

Software design for web, desktop and mobile devices

We can develop both front end applications and well as back end services based on NodeJS and Javascript technologies.

We have extensive experience building enterprise-level applications covering a range of fields using Java and Java-based frameworks. We have built everything from Trading platforms, Medical diagnostic software to industrial control applications, and portal.


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Internet of Things

Embedded Device and Home Automation Product

Internet Of Things (IoT) development services covering software, hardware and associated technologies to build enterprise-level applications as well as commercial products. Our services include prototyping using a range of technologies to both meet requirements and specifications as well as being cost-effective and secure.

  • Firmware and Software design.
  • Hardware and electronics design.
  • Best practice design and security.
  • Prototyping services, production manufacturing services.
  • Commercial product development.
  • Industrial product development.

Voice Design Services

Amazon Alexa and Google voice applications

Design and Build Amazon Alexa skills and Google Actions. We have extensive experience building voice applications covering games, gadgets, business applications, and church applications. We can build voice-first applications in combination with screen friendly applications. Our services will include design sessions to work out capabilities and features and the design and building of the application including subsequent maintenance.

  • Amazon Alexa specific Skills.
  • Google Action specific applications.
  • Combined Amazon and google applications.
  • Podcast and New Brief applications.
  • Voice First and also Screen orientated applications.
  • Business applications.
  • Games, Trivia, and misc applications.

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