What: Musical Dots is a brand-new Alexa skill game that combines exciting music and quick reflexes. Musical Dots uses 2-4 echo buttons.

How to set up: Enable the Musical Dots skill from the Alexa skill store.

You say, “Alexa, play Musical Dots.”


“Alexa, Open Musical Dots.”

The first time you play, you will have to register your dots.

Follow the instructions given by Alexa to register the dots.

Gameplay: A new round begins when Alexa plays music. When the music stops, all players must push their button as fast as possible. The last person to press their button is eliminated from the game, and their dot will turn red.  Then a new round begins with the remaining players.

How to win: The last player left in the game is declared the winner, and their dot will flash green.


The next time you play the game all you need to say is:

You say: “Alexa, ask Musical Dots to start a new game.”

Alexa will say: “Go ahead and press all your buttons to wake them up.”

Alexa will say: “Are you ready to start?”

You say: “yes.”

Alexa will say: “Let’s start in 3  – 2 – 1.”

Music plays.  When the music stops, quickly hit your dot.

Alexa will say: “player # is out of the game.  Starting next round in 3 – 2 – 1.”

and this will continue until the final round.

Alexa will  declare which player was the winner

Alexa will ask: “Do you want to play a new game.”

Just answer Yes or No.


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