How to connect Alexa with Todoist


by Andrew Panagos



Using Alexa to create shopping list is one way to make sure that you never miss an item at the grocery store again.  Your family can all add to the shopping list at any time by giving the command to Alexa to add whatever item they need to your shopping list.

You can manage your Alexa shopping list on several different to-do list apps, but the app that we use in our family is Todoist.

Todoist works on all devices, and it will help you keep track of everything.  Your shopping list and the to-do list that you make with Alexa will show up in your Todoist app.

To get started, download Todoist and open up an account with them.  You only need the free option of Todoist for your list to appear.

At this point, you should have already set up your account, so now we can go through the steps of linking it up to Amazon.


Connecting Alexa to Todoist

1. Open the Alexa app and click on Menu

2. Click on Settings

3. Scroll down and click on List

4. Click on Todoist

5. Click Continue

6. Sign in to

7. Click “I Agree”

8. Log into Todoist

9. You’re Done!

Check this article “How to manage your Alexa Shopping List in Todoist”  to see how you can easily organize your shopping list alphabetically.


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