How to stop music on your Echo Dot with a timer


by Andrew Panagos



I like playing music on my Echo Dot, especially when I am in bed.  For the longest time,  there was no way to turn the music off automatically.  I had to give a verbal command “Stop” for the music to stop.

However, Alexa has released a command that allows you to turn off your music on your echo dot with a timer after a period of time.

Just start your music and then give the command

“Alexa, turn off music in 45 minutes”.

Alexa will respond back to you and confirm the command.

This is a cool feature! It behaves like a timer so you can give it a span of time like 25minutes, 30 minutes or 45 minuntes.  At this time, you cannot tell it to turn off at a certain time, like 11:00 P.M..

If you don’t like listening to music when going to sleep,  there are other skills that you can download that do sleep sounds like ocean waves or thunderstorms that turn off after an hour.  (click link to go to Alexa Skills)

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    I like listening to music.


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