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How To Organize Your Gmail!

How To Organize Your Gmail!

Do you need help to organize your Gmail inbox? Sometimes our overwhelmingly crowded inbox can be a cause of stress or make us miss important emails! If you’re running a small business or just have a busy life, it’s really helpful to have an organized...

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Integrate Amazon Alexa with Microsoft To-Do

Integrate Amazon Alexa with Microsoft To-Do

I love to be organized and to use tools to plan out my day, week, life. Every morning the first thing I do when I sit at my desk is bring out my ToDo list and plan out what is on my day. What ToDo (Toe Doe) I have used several planner like tools out there, Outlook...

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Tools & Resources

Successful entrepreneurs use the best tools and software.

Here are the ones we like to use.


We use #Slack to communicate with our team members quickly


We make a lot of our Social Media Graphics and Blog Post Graphics with Canva.


We use Clockify to keep track of the time we spend on all our projects.

Microsoft TODO

We use Microsoft TODO for our daily tasks. We also connect our Alexa to this app.

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